Sewing Plans 2018

The first quarter of the year has already passed, but I still thought I’d share my sewing plans. Unlike most years, I don’t have any events to sew for. I was initially hoping to attend an early 19th century living history event in a rural setting (folk costumes!), but though only Baby and I would have gone, I realised that it would be too stressful to sew everything we needed for it, not to mention lacking the money for clogs and other important things. I decided that this year I’ll only sew for my everyday wardrobe, and work on fun projects that have no fixed deadline. Stress free is the motto of my sewing year, and though that leaves a very short list, that’s all right. Sometimes you must pace yourself to fit your circumstances. We hope to get back to living history when Tobias has finished his Master’s degree and has a job – that will give us both more time and money, but for now, we’re still on hiatus.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my WIP pictures of my new cosplay of Belle’s blue provincial dress. It’ll be based on the animated film, but with more texture and detail. I hope to get this done and pictures taken some time this year, but exactly when does not signify at this point. This is just for the fun of making it and having pictures of it.

My mum got me two tablecloths from IKEA for my birthday. When I saw them at IKEA’s web page my first thought was “that’d make a nice dress”, and a dress they will become – the woven border will look beautiful at the hem and can create nice effects on the bodice. The fabric is a linen/cotton mix and will be wonderful in summer. Hopefully I’ll make other everyday clothes too.

Star Wars is extremely popular with my older boys at the moment (the six-year old especially, the three-year old mostly tags along), so I’d like to make them each a Jedi outfit. I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself some time…


Those are my current plans, or at least the bigger ones. Naturally, some other things will be added to the list, or just happen anyway. You know how it is 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sewing Plans 2018

  1. A few years ago I bought on Ebay most of a Silvberg dräkt, said to be from about 1870. I realize that you are from Skåne, not Dalarna (!), but I have almost no idea of who I might contact to find out more about the outfit — and I do know that you are very interested in historical clothing!

    I have taken quite a lot of photos and posted them here —

    If you know of anyone who could tell me more about what I have, I would appreciate your passing along the links, or letting me know who I might contact!

    (Sorry, I’m finding the new blog format a bit difficult to navigate …)



    1. What fun! I know nothing about that costume, but I do know where you could ask, at least if you’re on Facebook. There’s a Swedish group called ‘Vi som gillar folkdräkter’ (literally ‘we who like folk costumes’), and though the main language is Swedish, you wouldn’t be the first to ask questions in English. Good luck!


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