The Dust Bunny Dress

Drab colours like greys and browns are some of my favourites to wear, and the challenge to make clothes that are pretty to others than just myself despite the dull shades is fun. I had long meant to sew a dress from some heavy cotton in a dusty colour from my stash (hence the Dust Bunny Dress), and after interruptions like packing and moving to a new town, last autumn I finally finished it.



I like playing with angles of checks and stripes, as they can make an impressive impact without being gaudy, but it was a bit difficult with this fabric, as besides the vertical stripes, it also had thicker threads horizontally, and these did not match up when I turned the fabric to match the stripes. For a perfectionist, that was an exercise in letting things go.



As usual with my dresses, the bodice is closely fitted, and this is also boned. It is lined and interlined with cottons from the Hobbity Plaid Dress and Pink Nursing Nightgown, both worn out. I like re-purposing fabrics like this. The bodice closes with hooks and eyes down the front, but the skirt is a different matter; it is only stitched to the bodice at the back, prevented to slip by two hooks and sewn bars at the front.



The skirt closes with hooks and eyes at the side.



The otherwise plain back gets visual interest from a pleated peplum. After seeing this picture, I shortened the bone at centre back.



The skirt is also pleated and made from two full-width panels of fabric. I like my skirts to have a fullness of at least three metres; they swish delightfully when you move, there is enough material to run comfortably or to cover you up no matter how you choose to sit – and you can put huge pockets in and stuff them full without it showing. I have a weakness for tucks on skirts, and this one got three. It’s another of those understated details that gives otherwise simple clothes a little something.



I just love the contrast between the coarse dust coloured fabric and the sheer white of a delicate blouse.



And that was that on the Dust Bunny Dress. I have not worn it much during the winter, as the peplum makes cardigans sit weird, but come spring and I’ll bring it out again!

2 thoughts on “The Dust Bunny Dress

  1. Lovely!
    I also like sit-how-you-want skirts with pockets, but my sewing skills need some improvement before I can manage anything like this!


  2. I discover your blog today, and I love it, it’s a pleasure for me, to see that there is other people a bit crazy like me, continue to me as you are. Thank you from France.


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