Plaid Dress with Matching Skirt

The dress I wore for my Winter in the Shire photo shoot is one I wear on a regular basis. It’s not made to be a costume, but something practical that I can do housework in, play and cuddle with the children in, is easily washed, and still feel feminine. Those who have followed me for a while know that I make a lot of my skirts and dresses myself (though not all of them make it onto the blog – ordinary photo shoots are just not much fun…) because the mainstream fashion of today is very dull. I want my skirts and dresses rather full and long, but not so much that I need to hold them out of the way to prevent fatal accidents when carrying a child up the stairs. I also want them to send the thoughts to past times, or fairy tales, without them being copies of any particular style.

 Fram AMPSSorry about the poor photo quality – this is the work of the self timer on my camera, sitting on the bed, in which the baby was sleeping. 

A proper photo shoot is not always possible.

 I really like to re-purpose fabrics, for both economical and environmental reasons. Old curtains and tablecloths have a lot of fabric in them, and are often very cheap – just saying 😉 This dress is made from old curtains – Maria von Trapp would approve, I think.

This is how I usually wear the dress at the moment, with a tricot top. As it is winter I often wear a cardigan over it as well, but I couldn’t do that in the pictures as it would hide the dress… I believe a thin blouse will work well with it as the weather grows warmer. The contrast between the sturdy dress fabric and delicate blouse could be charming.
As mentioned, the matching skirt was made quite a long time before the dress, so it’s faded a bit, but I don’t mind it that much actually… To prevent the dress and skirt separating in front I have sewn thread loops to the skirt, and corresponding hooks to the dress bodice. It works very well.
hake AMPS

As I’ve said before, I need to make better support to be worn under the dress (it will make it sit, oh, so much nicer!), but everything that needs to be fitted takes a lot of time to make right now, as I need to find some quiet time when I won’t be interrupted. I’m sure many a mum can relate.
I’ll probably put a panel behind the hook and eye closure in the front, but other than that I’m pretty well pleased with it, and might make more dresses in this style, as I really like it.

4 thoughts on “Plaid Dress with Matching Skirt

  1. What a lovely house dress and so comfy and versatile!


  2. Thanks, I really like it! My life does not hold enough events to reserve fun clothing just for them 😉


  3. It is a lovely dress: what I really want to say is how much I love how you've dressed your windows. So serene, so elegant!


  4. Thank you! I rather liked how they came out 🙂


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