Gryffindor Scarf Finished

Last week I finished the Gryffindor scarf for my little sister. I haven’t given it to her yet, it’s still a few weeks until her birthday. As it is her eleventh birthday, I will put her card in a “parchment” envelope with her address written in green; those of you who’ve read the books will know what I mean.

Hopefully she will like it and not feel too old for such things.

6 thoughts on “Gryffindor Scarf Finished

  1. I'm 22 and I wear my self-knitted Harry Potter scarf to college. It does turn heads. I think it really makes it feel like winter.


  2. I've been thinking of making one for myself actually – but my sister is soon at an age where she'll be a bit careful not to appear too childish. Once she's grown up, she won't worry about such things anymore.


  3. I'm 24, and I would be ecstatic to have a real Gryffindor scarf. 🙂 I love HP and this is one amazing gift for your sister! Beautiful job!


  4. I'm 17 and I would love to have a HP scarf 😀 I might just have to make myself one… yay an excuse to go to Michel's 🙂


  5. Can I pay you to make one of these for me?


  6. Ooop! I forgot to sign in for that last one. I have to tell you, first of all– congratulations on your engagement! It's only 2 months away! I already can't wait to see the dress.

    I happened on your blog last night somehow. I'm not really sure, really. But, you make gorgeous clothing! I am positively jealous of your talent! Oh! That's how I found you! I searched knitting scarves and somehow came up with you.

    We might be opposites. I tried crochetting a blanket a couple years ago– it didn't turn out well. I can hardly mend a hole in clothing!

    So, congratulations!


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