Broadcloth and Blindman’s Buff

Last Saturday I went to the Salvation Army’s charity shop, and that payed off. I found a dress, which will fit with a few alterations. The sleeves are very 40’s, but the rest of the dress looks more like the 70’s… Anyway, it’s a nice dress made out of a very nice fabric (white with a woven-in pattern of flowers). Speaking of which, I also found a piece of wine-red broadcloth, 150*109 cm (60*43″) for 50 SEK (£ 4.30)! Yeay! I have a couple of ideas as to what I’ll use that for; either I’ll use it to trim this years winter coat, or I’ll use it for a flashy 14th century liripipe hood. I would like a nice hood, but I could use a winter coat more.


All too often my period sewing takes precedence over my present day sewing projects… As is seen by my fabric stash: all but two or three of the fabrics in this cabinet are appropriate for clothes from one historic era or other. I like the bottom shelf best, with nothing but woolen fabrics on it. I have a few contemporary textiles as well, but they couldn’t fit in this cabinet…




Today I’ve made a pattern to the wedding dress from the toile. I’ve prepared a lot of piping, and now I have to clean the floor so I have a clean surface to work on while cutting out the fabric. As soon as that’s done the fun begins. I have a feeling I’ll have fun sewing the bodice of this dress.


I made cinnamon- and vanilla rolls today, and with a little luck I’ll have some to put in the freezer (perhaps…). At the YSA Family Home Evening tonight we played blindman’s buff, and it was the most violent rounds of that game I’ve ever experienced! People threw pillows and a mattress on the poor blindfolded one, rearranged the furniture to make it even more confusing, and, to make it harder for the ones who could see, we put out the lights. It was quite fun (at least when I didn’t wear the blindfold), and very lucky no one got hurt. We finished with cinnamon rolls (second time for me this day) and milk for refreshments. A good ending to the day.

2 thoughts on “Broadcloth and Blindman’s Buff

  1. Det låter ju lite som den medeltida versionen 🙂


  2. Är det så? Den medeltida versionen av fotboll var ju allt annat än fredlig, så det kanske blindbock också var när det begav sig….


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