Curious Cat

Today I bought a kitten, 18 weeks old, and he’s darling. It’s an ordinary house cat, just what I wanted. He’s very social and curious, he follows me everywhere, and I can’t sit down but he curls up in my lap, purrs, and takes a nap. I wonder how I’m supposed to sew, when he’s lying there….

I didn’t get any sewing done last night, my head really hurt. I’ve been cleaning the apartment again today (autumn cleaning – takes forever), and then there was institute, so I didn’t get too much work done on the piping this night either. The cat being very curious didn’t help 🙂 I must find a name for him, I can’t just call him “the cat”.
I’ve done some research as to what company makes the best (and preferably most affordable) 14th century shoes, and I think I will buy them from Plantagenet’s in the UK. It’s a lot of money for me right now, £130 for a pair of shoes, but from what I hear they last for ages, and they’re made to measure. I’d better start saving….

2 thoughts on “Curious Cat

  1. Sån söööt liten kisse du har! Är det en han eller hon? I vilket fall borde den heta Kitty! 🙂


  2. Det är en han, men Kitty passar inte. Han kommer nog bara att få heta Kisse, rätt och slätt.


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