A Nursing Friendly Nightgown in Teal

My pink nursing friendly nightgown was, sadly, getting very worn out, and I needed a new one. The pink one has been extremely comfortable and most practical to breastfeed in, so I wanted the new one to be of the same design. I once got two duvet cover sets as a present from an elderly relative, but never really used them: the colour was a loud turquoise and the eyelet lace trimming the pillow and duvet covers were uncomfortable when sleeping. I overdyed them with dark blue and got a tolerable teal colour instead. From these I’ve made a nightgown and some pyjamas.

The neckline is gathered to a band which holds a drawstring. It doesn’t really get pulled up, but the bow adds visual interest. Slits are left open in the side seams to provide convenient access for breastfeeding. They overlap enough to be closed when not in use, requiring no other closure.

While scratchy and bunching up against the face on the duvet cover set, the eyelet lace works nicely to edge the hem of the nightgown. The tucks works too, providing enough body not to let the nightgown get tangled in my legs when up, but not being bulky when sleeping.

My new nightgown is not quite as comfy as my old – now retired – one, but that speaks more about how exceedingly comfortable that was, rather than this one being the opposite. I like long nightgowns and feel well-dressed when wearing them even with sleep tousled hair.

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