Wine Red Skirt

I wear skirts or dresses basically every day of the year. Naturally, they wear out and need replacing, and sometimes you just want variety. I recently finished a new skirt in wine red cotton twill, picked up once at a charity shop, that I intend for everyday wear. It’s a typical “Sarah skirt”; straight panels pleated to a waistband. That style is so quick and easy to make, requiring no pattern.

For this skirt I had just enough material for the skirt and waistband, so the facings and pocket were made from pink flowery cotton, scraps left over from when I made my pink nursing friendly nightgown. I like that kind of mostly hidden detail.

I gave the skirt some visual interest by two tucks close to the hem. I first meant to do three but didn’t want to shorten the skirt too much. Maybe I should, but I more often regret making a skirt too short than making it too long. I really like long skirts…. The hem also has a facing from the pink flowery fabric. As always, I’m wearing a couple of light cotton petticoats under it as I like the feel of layered skirts, and skirts usually look better when worn over petticoats.

The skirt closes with buttons and buttonholes. I’ve put in three buttons, but only two buttonholes; that way the size is adjustable, and I can still wear the skirt if I lose more baby weight. The colour of the fabric was difficult to get accurate on camera; in this picture it’s way off. The pictures taken outdoors are very close to the true colour.

Even as I long for spring, I’m happy it snowed again today, as it was so beautiful, and made a nice backdrop to the pictures. You can’t count on snow where I live, so you have to make good use of it if it’s there.

5 thoughts on “Wine Red Skirt

  1. Beautiful! I love your hem tucks!!


  2. Pretty! Do you wear petticoat under it?


  3. Paulina Grzywińska 12 March, 2018 — 11:38

    Wow! Really pretty. Do you wear any petticoat under it?


    1. Thank you! Yes, I wear two light cotton petticoats. I always wear at least one.


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