Pink Skirt in Diamond Twill

This is my first post since changing blogging platform – how do you like the new look? I think it’s quite an improvement, though there’s still more work to be done on it.

You know how sometimes you buy a fabric that you really like, but then it lives in your stash for years? That has happened to me more often than I‘d like to confess. When I first moved away from home I bought five metres each of cotton twills in pink, blue and sand colour. I made a dress and matching headband from part of the pink after a few years, and now I have used the rest of it to make a skirt. The blue and sand coloured material are still waiting for their moment to arrive.



We were going to a wedding last summer, and being pregnant at the time, I had nothing pretty to wear. I made a typical “Sarah skirt”: straight panels pleated to a waistband, but where I usually have a buttoned closure in the left side seam, and a pocket in the right tone, I made plackets and pockets in both sides. That way the skirt was easily adjustable for pregnancy as well as the return of a waist after the arrival of Baby.

Now, a few months after the birth of my third baby, I finally moved the buckles to make the waistband fit my current waist measurement, and got around to taking pictures of the skirt. It’s pretty long, as I prefer to wear long skirts, and has a decorative tuck close to the hem. The plackets close with buckles from my stash instead of the usual buttons, as I wanted something different. I made the pockets differently than I usually do too, set into the skirt panels, instead of just being a deep pouch set in a seam.



While the dress I once made from this fabric is long gone, I still have the headband, and I like that it matches the skirt. I wore this outfit the other day, and when picking up my eldest from school, I overheard a few girls, aged six and seven, commenting on who’s mum I was, and that I looked “sooo nice”, with exclamation marks.


Maybe I shouldn’t care so much about looks, but I confess the approval of these girls almost felt like the best anyone could wish for regarding appearance. I mean, if, as a tired mother in your mid-thirties, girls that age like your style, you’re basically up there with the Disney Princesses, and one could do worse.

2 thoughts on “Pink Skirt in Diamond Twill

  1. LOVE your new look for your blog. How did you get the pictures the larger size? Looks wonderful. All the best,


    1. Thank you! I think it might be the theme I’m using? But go back to the old posts that I moved here from my old platform, and they are the same old, tiny size. I need to re-upload every single one to make them larger, which as you can imagine takes some time. Still, it’s an opportunity to add my watermark to them at the same time 😉


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