The Eagle’s Ravenclaw Scarf

Tobias has a big carved wood eagle that he got as a kid. He rather likes it: I think it’s creepy. It usually lives in his office/man cave, that doubles as home for my fabric stash and historical wardrobe, but we recently moved, and the ceilings here are too low for it to fit on top of the office bookcase. The eagle will have to live in the book room, as some of the bookcases there are lower. After thinking it over, I decided I would be okay having it there if I made it part of the book room’s planned nerdy decor.

Tobias is a Ravenclaw, and, fittingly, the House symbol is an eagle. If our wood eagle was to wear a Ravenclaw scarf, it would accentuate Tobias’ House allegiance, and make the eagle look less fierce. Said and done, I started knitting one night when the baby was feeling poorly. I used thin, one-ply wool in blue and bronze (brown), as we use the House colours described in the books, though the scarf style seen in the later films. I was glad to have appropriate yarn in stash. 30 rib stitches made a 5,5-centimetre-wide scarf. I knitted 22 rows blue, 2 rows bronze, 4 blue, 2 bronze, and repeated.

When the knitting was finished the scarf measured 65 centimetres. I made fringes from the remaining blue yarn – I didn’t have very much of it to start with, and I used it all for this project.


I’m not sure the eagle looks any less fierce, but I still like him better with the scarf than without it. When the other decor is up, I think he might actually look quite nice on top of the book cases.


I have long planned to knit a Hufflepuff scarf for a soft toy badger I have, and now I really want to do it…

1 thought on “The Eagle’s Ravenclaw Scarf

  1. Hi, thank you for all this HP inspiration. We had a “fantastic beasts” party last week and lots of fun. Today, we culled some grownout kids costumes, themed medieval, vikings and the like. If you want, I can send you pictures and you can decide weather u can make use of it. Also doing a major sewing and handicrafts stuff review. If you are in need of something, just ask and I can see if I can find it and part from it. it will be fun to see what you can make from my spare goodies


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