Crocheted Star Ornaments

When browsing Pinterest I came across these crocheted little stars made by Persia Lou, and as each star only require two rounds, I though they’d be quick and fun to make. The pattern called for wool yarn, but though I love wool, I’ve had wool ornaments eaten by bugs when in storage, and as I’m in enough worry over my stash of wool fabrics and yarn, not to mention my historical clothes, I decided against that. The cotton yarn that I had of a suitable colour was too thin, so I tried making them from hemp twine that I had at hand. It worked very well, except that the twine was a bit rough to work with, so I could only make one or two stars at the time to protect my hands. Unlike the instructions in the pattern, I did not starch my stars, so they are a bit less crisp and pointed than the originals, but nice anyway.

Once they were done I thought they needed an extra little something. I once got three small bags of buttons, in green, red and blue respectively. It wasn’t the best deal of my life, as it turned out that rather few of the buttons actually matched. For this project they would work well though, so I picked out every red button of the size that I wanted, and stitched one in the centre of each star. I made a hanger from the twine, and the ornaments were ready to be hung.

Simple but pretty, if one is into a Scandinavian Christmas decor, an “old fashioned” Christmas or the “rustic” Christmas (whatever that’s supposed to be) that seem to be one of the trendy themes right now.

Have you crocheted some kind of ornaments for Christmas?

11 thoughts on “Crocheted Star Ornaments

  1. Super cute – I love the way they look done in twine!


  2. I crocheted stars similar to these using some vintage yarn that had a gold metallic thread through it last year, as well as trees, snowflakes and gingerbread men. Love the rustic look of yours 🙂


  3. Those are so lovely and remind me of the ones my Grandma used to make. She used white crochet thread, but I really like your hemp twine ones! I can't crochet anything but a plain, single chain, so I applaud your wonderful ornaments!


  4. Sounds like it would gleam beautifully! And thanks 🙂


  5. I just made one in twine as well – I use gardening gloves to protect my hands. Pinch the corners to get them a bit more pointed. I'm considering trying to block them, but I'm like you and not all that fussed if the corners are a bit rounded.


  6. Cute stars! I've crocheted snowflakes, using thin white crocheting thread and instructions from the book “60 Crocheted Snowflakes”. Starching is a must, of course! At first I planned to suspend my snowflakes from a mobile (the non-phone kind 🙂 but I mislaid the kit for the mobile so they ended up in the tree instead.


  7. I did consider gloves,but thought I'd end up being annoyed with them 😉 I have inched the corners, but I believe only a good starching will get them really pointed.


  8. I really should starch mine, but the twine is so thick, I would have to nail them to a board, and I've been to lazy to do that. Might do it sometime in future 🙂
    A snowflake mobile sounds nice – I did a “Waltz of the Snowflakes” mobile-thingy in other materials, I'll be posting it soon.


  9. If you starched your stars, I think you'd regret it. The starch changes the look of the fibers, so it would probably make the twine look “artificial”. Spidery snowflakes are a whole different thing – before starching, mine just looked like a mess of spaghetti… 😉


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