Green Plaid Skirt

A couple of years ago I had a period when I picked up a lot of fabrics (mainly old curtains, sheets and the like) in the local charity shop. It got a bit out of hand, with me bringing home stuff I had no idea what to use them for, and therefore I gave myself a one year shop stop on fabric, which I kept – go me! I’ve become much better at controlling myself because of it, so I can recommend that to anyone suffering a similar problem – I know there are plenty of you out there 😉 But that still left me with lots of fabrics that needed to be dealt with. I bought them, it would feel very silly indeed if I didn’t use them for anything. None of them was too horrible, but a few would not have come home with me, had there been prettier alternatives.

Recently I decided to make a skirt from a tablecloth that had been weighing on my conscience. Though I liked the pattern, the bright green is not the first colour that comes to mind when my wardrobe (or home décor) is concerned. Still, I decided to make it work. 
AMPS Kjol 2
The skirt is constructed from two panels of fabric, pleated to a waistband. It closes with two buttons and buttonholes at the left side, and have a huge pocket in the seam at the right side. I made two tucks close to the hem of the skirt, for visual interest and to help keep out the fullness. The hem has a wide facing of plain off-white cotton.
This is mostly machine sewn, another pat on the shoulder for that. I’m actually beginning to appreciate my machine. Still, a few things just look better when made by hand.
I took these pictures a few weeks ago on one of the last summer days. It’s now decidedly autumn, my favourite season. I have become quite fond of this skirt, and when worn with more sober coloured cardigans, or white delicate blouses, it still “feels like me”. I sometimes wonder if I should have made it a tad shorter, but I love long skirts, so I’ll keep it as is.
AMPS Kjol 1
At the moment I’m working on several projects at once, not all involving sewing, besides being there for my family. I almost feel bad for posting so seldom, but I have much to do, and less time to do it in, so I’ll just have to do my best. There will be updates on them when I have the time.

5 thoughts on “Green Plaid Skirt

  1. Cute skirt and it looks lovely combined with the cardigans (very british!).
    Don't worry about the bloggin activity, just enjoy time with your family and the actual hobby 🙂



  2. Adorable! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a fabric addiction! LOL!


  3. You look so pretty!!


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