1840’s(ish) Crocheted Collar

For the 1840’s dress I just began working on I’ll need a collar. I want to make one in whitework, but as I’ll have to learn how to do it first it will take too much time at present. I do however have basic skills in crochet, and after finding mention of crocheted collars, seeing reproductions, and original doll’s collars, I decided to give it a go.

AMPS collar
 The collar lying on the back of the bodice of my 1840’s-dress-in-progress.
As I’m not very good with crochet terminology in English, I won’t try to write about the collar in detail. Pictures will have to suffice. I used DMC Cordonnet 50 that I once got in a charity shop for hardly any money at all. It is mercerised cotton, which, though not common for another 50 years, did first make an entry in 1844, so it’s acceptable but not preferable for what I have in mind.
I didn’t find any period crochet descriptions for collars, though I’ve heard there are quite a few. But even if I had, I have enough trouble reading the modern ones – the period ones would probably give me a fit. Instead I looked at period examples and the reproductions people more talented at crochet than I have made from said period descriptions. I had to go with trial and error, so this one is actually the second collar. It’s still not perfect, but it is wearable. 
AMPS collar edge
The inspiration for the lace edging was taken from the doll’s collar below.
These are the originals I used for inspiration (and this reproduction): 
 Doll’s crocheted collar, Sweden, 1840’s. Nordiska Museet, nr. NM.0114827 – click on the image to go to the museum.
  Crocheted collar, Sweden: a bit too late – 1860-80 – but with the same kind of open, net like base.
Nordiska Museet, nr. NM.0028970 – click the image to go to the museum. 
Though this collar (Swedish, 1840-60) is made from bobbin lace I took the inspiration for making mine striped from it.
Malmö Museer, nr. MMT 000406 – click the image to go go the museum.
Is it possible that these young ladies (ca. 1845) have crocheted collars? Possible, but hard to tell… Click the image to go to the source.
 I think mine is rather cute, and not too far from the originals. I’m not quite sure how to attach it though: by basting it to the dress or by sewing a bias strip to it, and baste that to the inside of the dress? Opinions? Also – would matching cuffs be a good or bad idea?

2 thoughts on “1840’s(ish) Crocheted Collar

  1. Very pretty. I need to learn how to do crochet ( Ia have some basic, 35 years old knowledge, but that's it), there are so many wacky mid-20th century hats.


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