From Blouse to Pillowcase

What with my pause from historical sewing (on which I’ve done very well indeed, though I say so myself: but my head is full of ideas and plans) I don’t really feel like I have a lot to write about… Sure, I’m working on a few contemporary things (and I use the word in it’s broadest possible sense), but they’re not yet ready to be blogged. I do however have one tiny thing.

A couple of days ago I cleaned out my wardrobe; a few things I’ll give to my younger sisters, a number of things have gone to a charity shop. Some things were so worn and faded they were not fit to use at all. I scavenged the buttons and let the rest go the way of all the earth. A few old blouses were too small for me, or in a style I don’t really use, but had bought because I liked the fabric. These I put aside. Some of them will end up in quilts, some might be made into baby dresses if ever I have a daughter. And one I made into a pillow case, with a ready made, working buttoned opening and all. I ripped the dart seams, measured, sewed, cut and finished the edges. Simple as that. It’s actually hand sewn as I did it while watching a movie.

You can still see the marks from the darts, but I hope most of them will go away in the laundry. Now, the pillow is not in it’s best element in our sofa – on a white bead spread in a bright summer room I believe it will look delightful. And it’s reused, which feels good. The scraps that are left will also be used, as with so many scraps in my home, in a quilt.

2 thoughts on “From Blouse to Pillowcase

  1. This is a brilliant idea! I love how it came out. It looks perfect. I wish now I had saved a lot of the button up blouses I used to wear before pregnancy and nursing expanded my figure. I remember this adorable chocolate-brown striped blouse with sweet ruffles along either side of the button placket. I wish I had thought to use it for something like this. Great idea!


  2. I dislike discarding fabrics I like when they've outlived their use as clothes. They often end up in quilts or pillow cases, and then I can keep enjoying them much longer 🙂


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