A Pile of Planned Projects

As our participation in this years living history and re-enactment season draws ever nearer I, as always, find myself heaped with 14th century projects that needs to get done. That’s the problem with having too scattered interests; you don’t make the things you will need until the need is upon you…. As I can’t bear the thought of cheating and machine sew our clothes it takes a bit of time to get it all finished. At the moment I’m working on:

– Tobias’ new buttoned cote. There will be 34 cloth buttons down the front, and a bunch on each forearm. I guess at least 50 in total.

– Shoes for little B. One is stitched, awaiting finishing, the other one not yet begun. They will eventually be front laced, not tied round the ankle as when tried on in the picture.

– A shirt for B. Well, I’ve not really begun it, only ironed the linen, but as I want it done for the next HSF challenge I’ll start it tomorrow.
What I have planned is:
For me
– A shift. Unbleached linen is ordered.
– A veil and wimple – I have semi fine, bleached linen for that.
– A new kirtle. Will be remade from an old grey wool early medieval cote.
For Tobias
– A new pair of hose – brown wool is ordered.
– A new bag hat. We have a lovely thin red wool for that.
For B
– A new cote or two. Wool left over from making Tobias’ clothes will do nicely.
– Possibly a new coif. Fabric for that might be found in my linen scrap box, or the stash.
– Fake cloth diapers, to go over his disposable ones. Again, linen scrap box.
– A period looking toy or two wouldn’t hurt…
Household items
– Pillow cases, from this linen/cotton blend.

– Pilgrims’ satchels. Coarse wool fabric from the wool scrap box (I have several scrap boxes…).

– Linen towels. If large enough linen scraps can be found.

I will likely also make some toddler’s clothes for a friend’s son, in return for nalbound socks for B, as she is muchbetter at nalbinding than I am, and I am the better seamstress. Trading work is a good thing.
Now, not all of the above are equally important. I will have to choose carefully in what order to make things. I also have a paper to write, so as to finally finish my education to be a specialist nurse in paediatrics. Though I’m a stay at home Mum, a university education is always good to have. With all of the above, all I can say is; it’s a fine thing that Sunday is a day of rest!

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