Eyelets Finished

Last night I moved into our apartment. It felt odd… and as always on the first night of me living in a new place, I didn’t sleep very well. Until I have made it my home, I have a sort of uneasiness that is close to fright. New sounds, new smells; all of it makes me a bit skittish, and so I had a night lamp on. It felt a bit silly, but better silly than scared… It felt much better this morning.

This afternoon I finished the eyelets.

There are 38 of them, and as I’ve said before, they’re sewn with silk, which by the way is a delight to work with. I timed it, and every eyelet took two minutes to sew, and then there is time added for cutting threads, threading the needle, etc.

I also made a couple of tests on embroidery, just in case I’ll have time to embelish the dress. This is the one I liked best:

I think it could look pretty, and not too intrusive. The real embroidery would be continuous round the neck and wrists – this was just to see if the colour and thickness of the thread would look nice. What do you think? Opinions are welcome, though I’ll follow my own taste in the end 🙂

7 thoughts on “Eyelets Finished

  1. I love the colors: very delicate and subtle. I prefer the design of the embroidery on your blue dress, but I know you don't have too much time to do it.
    Thanks to share this wery special dress.


  2. Beautiful!!! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the input!

    Yeah, I prefer the embroidery on the blue dress too…. if I have the time I'll make it like that. This was just something I did on free hand, to try out the colours 🙂


  4. I think it's beautiful and the dress is going to be fabulous!


  5. It looks great! I think the colors of the embroidery look very nice, good job!


  6. The eyelets and lacing look beautiful and I love the embroidery design. Very simple, yet elegant and dainty and feminine. The colors are wonderful too – they remind me of earliest spring flowers.


  7. You have done a wonderful job on the eyelets! So delicate! And the embroidery is going to look so feminine and sweet. What a special thing you are doing for your special day! 🙂


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