Just a Short Post to Recommend…

… the Casualty 1900’s series. Well, I don’t think it’s on TV anymore (or yet – it hasn’t broadcasted here in Sweden anyway), but it’s available on DVD.

If you like BBCs costume dramas, and also happens to like series like ER, Chicago Hope etc. you will love this. It’s about the lives of the doctors, nurses and patients in London Hospital in 1906, 1907 and 1909. It’s based on journals, newspaper cuttings, diaries and so on from the people who worked there, and from the little I know about Edwardian England, and nursing back then, it looks accurate enough. As a lover of history, and an RN myself, this is just perfect. It’s recomended from the age of 15 here in Europe, as it’s rather grafic in the ghastliness of illnesses, injuries and living conditions of the poor of East End. It’s interesting, sad, and yet encouraging.

The problem with good costume dramas is that I get a sudden and strong wish to make clothes from that era – so in future I might make a Sisters uniform from the early 20th century…

3 thoughts on “Just a Short Post to Recommend…

  1. I hope you don't mind that I'm leaving a comment totally unrelated to the post above (although I will say it does look very interesting and I'm now intrigued!), but I wanted to comment for a different reason.

    I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. I found the other day when I first discovered it, I lost about 2 and a half hours on here reading through posts. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!


  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad you told me – I'm always a bit surprised to find that there are people who like to read what I write. ^^


  3. I must say I am not into modern hospital t.v. shows, but this one looks interesting! And the costumes! 🙂 I too have a problem with wanting to recreate clothes from an era a costume drama is set. That is why I have been trying to avoid them lately! 😉 My problem is making costumes and then NEVER wearing them. . .however the early 1900's are not so odd as to be unwearable in real life. I can't wait to see what you may come up with.


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