Alive and Kicking…

… but I’ve been extremely busy at work lately, and been dead tired when I’ve come home. I have a couple of projects that I’m working on, but one is a Christmas present, and since the recipient checks in on my blog now and then, I can’t show you what I’m doing.

The other project is a pair of woolen-blend trousers for autumn and winter. I really don’t like making trousers, but these are in a style I think might look good on me, and that makes it bearable. No pictures of them so far though.

Neither project has been a fast-progressing one, since I’ve usually fallen asleep when I came home from work. Today I had my last day for the summer, though, so things might speed up just a little. Soon school starts again, which scares me out of my wits. I keep telling myself “only four months, then you’re done”, but it still makes me sick thinking of it… But before that horror is upon me, I’ll have a nice, well needed week at my parents’.

Well, that’s pretty much it as far as my life is concerned. Hope you all have a nice end of summer/beginning of autumn.

1 thought on “Alive and Kicking…

  1. Det fixar du galant Sarah! Upp med hakan och kör hårt!


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