Not Like I’d Planned…

So, yesterday was Midsummer’s Eve, and I’d planned to wear my folk costume for the first time. But I didn’t – I slept. I’d been working from nine pm to seven am for two nights, and was dead tired. Too bad. Still, there’s the YSA activity in Finland in a month, and with some luck I’ll be able to wear it complete with the spedetröja.

The coming week I’ll be busy preparing for the event next weekend, finishing my second shoe, my pattens, hopefully resew an old shift etc. More about that will follow.

1 thought on “Not Like I’d Planned…

  1. I'm here from Ravelry and I just have to say that I love your profile picture!

    All your sewing projects make me all the more anxious to get back to my sewing machine…you do a lovely job!


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