Gryffindor Scarf, part 1

Since it didn’t work last time, I’m trying to post this again – better luck this time. I post it unchanged, and so all this applies to last Friday.

Inspired by my Medieval Gryffindor Embroidery, I decided to make a version of the Gryffindor scarf, as seen in the Harry Potter movies The Prisoner from Azcaban and onwards.

It’s not going to be an exact reproduction, but a good-enough version of it. The ones in the movies are knitted in the round, I think – at least that’s how the different patterns out there claims it should be done, and I think they’re right. However, that will need much more yarn than I can afford at the moment, so I’ll be content with a plainly, two needles, k1 p1, ribbed scarf. The colours and stripes will be close to the original though, and this will be knitted in 100% wool, not acrylic as many examples I’ve seen – acrylic is a ghastly material in my opinion. This will be a birthday present for one of my little sisters, a devout HP-fan. So far I’ve knitted a little beyond the third pair of golden stripes – I believe the scarves in the movies have 14 pairs.

I’m visiting my family for a week, so I have to be careful so that she doesn’t see it, only working on it after she’s gone to bed. I had planned to take pictures of it out in the snow yesterday, but just when I was going to arrange it my sister came home from school, and I had to run for it. And so, this picture is not as nice as I would wish.

3 thoughts on “Gryffindor Scarf, part 1

  1. Oh that is looking terrific! I am a HP fan too, and would love to knit a scarf like this sometime. Lovely job! I bet your sister will be VERY happy with it!


  2. Thank you! I like it too (both HP and the scarf), might have to make one for myself sometime…. It's also a good project for the days I don't have energy for anything complicated, or anything that needs focus.


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