Since I was a little girl I have been drawing on all paper available, including envelops, programmes and writing-pads in school. Many times it felt like drawing was the only thing that carried me through tedious classes. I was never bad in school, my marks were good enough, but I must do something with my hands, it helps me concentrate. To sit still just listening to the teacher was driving me mad, and so a lot of my writing-pads were covered in drawings. I’m better at concentrating in school now, but I still fall back into my old pattern of drawing in class sometimes. This is a thing I did last year when I was bored to death in a class that didn’t add anything to my knowledge.

Some habits die hard.

2 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. Ahaaa! Kanske är det DIG jag letat efter, Sarah! Jag är på jakt efter en illustratör till ett dräktprojekt. Jag vet att du är en busy, busy tjej, men om det låter bara lite intressant kanske vi kan snacka om det?


  2. Sure! Pm:a mig på Albrechts forum! Låter spännande…


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