Headache and Medieval Shoes

Today I haven’t sewn anything so far, because I’ve had other things to do (like laundry, cleaning the bathroom floor, a lot of boring paperwork , applying for a job, etc.), and now I don’t really feel like it because I have a headache. I have that quite often, but most of the time I can function normally anyway. Not so today! My head feels heavy and fuzzy, and the painkillers won’t help. It’s so bad I won’t go to the YSA Home Evening tonight. On the good side; I got asked to work three evenings early in October. Yeay!

Two days ago (Saturday) I tried the mock-up of the wedding dress on my friend, and after a few alterations it fit perfectly! The mock-up fabric is white, so she got a good idea of what the finished dress will look like. She was very pleased. So, unless I really mess things up, that dress might well be the prettiest thing I’ve ever made. The bodice-seams will be piped, so if I find some energy, that’s what I’ll do tonight, prepare the piping.

My historical interest is turning more and more to the 14th century now. I so want to buy a new pair of shoes for that era, since the ones I made a couple of years ago is in really bad shape. Perhaps I’ll save them in case I want to do a beggar-impression sometime 🙂




I could make myself another pair, but I’m not good at making shoes, and I don’t like making them, it bores me to death. I’ll need to buy myself a pair of pattens as well, to save the shoes as much wear as possible. Period shoes are expensive! I tried to make myself a pair of pattens some years ago, but I’m not good working with knives and wood either, so it ended with the emergency room and three stitches…. I’ve let them be since.

Tomorrow I’m going to look at a kitten I’m thinking of buying, and I’m very nervous. Every time I’m going to buy something expensive (like a computer or bike), or important in some other way (like a small animal to be responsible for), or make an important decision I get nervous and wondering if it is a good idea. But afterwards I’m usually satisfied with it, and I think I will be in this case. I have thought about it for a long time, and I could really use a little company.

4 thoughts on “Headache and Medieval Shoes

  1. Hello from Kansas!
    I have never tried to make a pair of shoes of any kind. You are an inspiration!
    God bless,
    d from homehaven


  2. Thanks! They don't look too pretty now, though 🙂

    I believe in learning how to do as many things as possible, might come in handy one of theese days. I don't have to be an expert on everything, but I don't want to be completely ignorant either. And if I can learn in a fun way, so much the better.


  3. Sarah

    The company (Albrechts Bössor) might arrange some kind of workshop for shoe making in the near future. It is sooo much more un to work together and learn together that it's almost pleasant even to make shoes 🙂


  4. Could be fun…not the shoemaking, but finally meeting the company 🙂


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