I’m soon lost in the 14th century…again

I have a problem; I can’t possibly stay interested in one period too long, not because I get tired of it as such, but because there’re too many interesting periods! Right now I feel that the 14th century or maybe the viking age is creeping nearer, which is most inconvenient since I have that wedding dress to make. I would like to make a nice woolen cotte or kirtle (or kjortel as it’s called here in Sweden). But alas, that will have to wait… Anyway, I post an old picture of me in 14th century clothes. I lent the hood to one of my brothers a few years ago, and haven’t seen it since… I think I’ll have to make myself a new (and more accurate) one sometime.


Meanwhile, I’m still at my parent’s, and amongst other things working on the corded petticoat. I have finished the first group of seven cords, and I’ll start on the second tonight. I still like the work, and I’m not tired of it, I just wish there was more time for all the other projects I want to start on (and in some cases finish). It would be good if I could make myself a new winter coat, since my old ones are all but threadbare… and I’d like to have my second try on St Birgittas coif finished…. and my needle bound socks… and I could use another pair of knee high hose… and I could really need some woolen skirts for everyday and Sunday-wear.
This week I’ve also been working in my parents garden. They cut down a tree that was dangerously close to the house last week, and gave the wood to a friend. After he removed it, all the branches and foliage was left on the lawn, and so I’ve been working on stacking it in a pile at the bottom of the garden, to be burnt. It’s fun, but hard work, many of the branches are a good deal longer than me. But I like to work outside, and would like a tiny farm of my own sometime.
It’s so good to be a my parent’s, to have company available whenever I want it. To just talk to Mum as soon as I have a thought, to talk to Dad and my brother in the evenings, and not have to eat alone is great, as is playing and cuddling with my youngest siblings. At my place there’s just me and the dust bunnies…. it’s all right most of the time, but really, humans are supposed to live in families, and I feel lonely sometimes. I’m thinking of getting a cat or two for company.

2 thoughts on “I’m soon lost in the 14th century…again

  1. Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog. I'm now finally visiting yours and WOW – I am amazed and impressed by your projects! You are such an inspiration. I too find it hard to stay in one period for too long when I'm sewing. . .I'm really forced to focus a lot on 1860's things but if I didn't have a husband and children to sew for, I'd be all over the place, era-wise! I LOVE the 14th century although have never made anything from it. I look forward to browsing your blog more. Your corded petti is awesome.


  2. Thanks! Nice to have my work appreciated by someone who's a very talented seamstress herself! I'm doing as much sewing as I can now, for who knows if I'll have the time and energy when I get a family of my own? In that respect I'm SO impressed by you…hope I can keep it up like you have.


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