The Cinderella Dress Again – Front Lacing

If you’ve followed me for a while, you might remember the “Cinderella dress” that I made in 2013, and then made detachable sleeves for in 2015. I mentioned then that I meant to add lacing over a modesty panel in the front, as it had become too tight over the bust. Now, at long last, I have done so. Makeovers are so boring, it takes time to get around to… Still, as I’m getting my figure back, I want to wear this dress again.

I opened up the front seam, and finished the new edges with piping to match the rest of the dress. Then I added lacing strips to the inside, like the ones I used for the sleeves.  The modesty panel is made from a folded piece of fabric, left over from making the dress, with cording between the layers for stability.

After cording, I cut the panel to shape and finished the cut edges with self-fabric bias binding.

At the bottom I put a braided cord, to tie to a corresponding loop on the inside of the bodice. That way the panel would stay put, but still allow for flexible lacing.

And with that, I can comfortably wear this dress again. It’s still a favourite, and has held up remarkably well considering how much I’ve used it over the years. The next thing I’ll have to tackle is putting in new hooks and eyes in the back; they are showing much wear by now.

I might also want to add a pocket – the lack of pockets is the only bad thing about this dress. When going out today I had to wear a loose one with attached belt, belonging to a matching skirt.

5 thoughts on “The Cinderella Dress Again – Front Lacing

  1. Wow! That’s amazing – I love the texture you added to the center piece. And I’m in love with your pocket/belt!


    1. Thank you! It turned out pretty well. I like the look of the belted pocket too, but it’s not as practical as sewn-in pockets, especially not when you have three little ones.


      1. I can imagine the tiny hands reaching for it!


        1. That, and it tends to shift around when you’re doing all the mum stuff. It looks very cute when worn to the side like this (and if your arms are free you’ll make sure it does), but not so much when it hangs awkwardly in front like a lopsided sporran 😉


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