A Nursing Friendly Nightgown

While pyjamas are very practical when one has to get up with a baby at odd hours (especially in the winter), I prefer nightgowns, just as I prefer skirts and dresses to trousers. Finding one that is both inexpensive, flattering and practical to breastfeed in is, however, a bit of a challenge. So, at long last, I made my own. It has been a long while since I made any night clothes, as there have been so many things of a higher priority to do.

 The material once was the skirt of a mid-19th century-ish cotton print dress that I made more than ten years ago. When I realised that the fabric, as well as the construction, had some issues, I tore it to pieces, but kept the fabric, as that was too pretty to just toss away. It lay in my stash for years, waiting for the right project, and this was it. The construction is simple: raglan sleeves, the fullness taken up in pleats, and a self-fabric drawstring in the bound neckline. 
drawstring AMPS
The side seams are left open for a bit, and closes with two buttons each, scavenged from a worn out blouse. 
button closure AMPS

It would have been better to have the nursing slits located a wee bit more to the front, but this was simpler, and works well. Also, they are nigh on invisible when closed. 

buttons undone AMPS
I made the nightgown very full, so I can use it should I ever become pregnant again. 
mum and toddler AMPS
This is now my favourite night clothes. It’s comfortable, looks feminine, and is practical for nursing. And to keep things real; I do not usually wear a matching bow in my hair when I sleep, and I did tidy up before taking the pictures.

3 thoughts on “A Nursing Friendly Nightgown

  1. It looks so pretty and comfortable! I really want to make my own nightgowns, too, because it's so hard to find ones that I like in the shops. They are all too short, for one thing! Or else full of scratchy lace and stuff. /Pernilla


  2. I am totally going to make this now…nursing and pregnancy friendly, and so beautiful!


  3. Thanks ladies 🙂


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