Baby Quilt

A couple of years ago I started on these log house blocks, with the intention to make a quilt to snuggle up in on the sofa in winter. Then some months ago I changed my mind, and decided to make a baby quilt instead. I worked on it intently for a week or so, assembling the log houses, adding strips of fabric to the edges, and quilting it. Then I lay it aside, not wanting to finish the edges until the pregnancy was more certain. Now I’m so far gone that baby would most likely make it even if it would decide to come early, and so I started working on it again a few days ago, and finished it yesterday.

Bebistäcke fram AMPS

The quilt is assembled from 36 different fabrics, all but the back small scraps from my stash. I prefer quilts made from scraps, especially if they are from old clothes worn by family members. In this quilt, beside a few brand new scraps, there’re pieces from an old skirt my mother wore when I was little, skirts and blouses worn by me and a sister as children, and skirts I made and wore in high school, as well as some things bought in charity shops because I liked the fabrics. I like how the different pieces of fabric are in different stages of wear, some having marks from being tucked or sewn. It adds life to the finished quilt.

Bebistäcke diagonal AMPS

The quilt is hand sewn and hand quilted. The colours are some of my favourites, wine reds, blues, browns, and greens, all in muted shades.

Bebistäcke back AMPS

The quilt is not perfect (a conscious effort not to try and do everything sewing related perfect for a change – very liberating I must say), some of the blocks being crooked and the quilting not following the blocks slavishly, but somehow it gives character. I really, really like this little quilt.

Bebistäcke knöligt AMPS

I think it will look very nice in the pram this winter.

EDIT:  I’ve since made quilts for my second and third babies as well.

7 thoughts on “Baby Quilt

  1. What a beautiful and truly sweet little quilt. I love scrap quilts as well, as to me they have so much more character and meaning. The colors and prints work so well together and all it lacks now is a sweet little bundle to wrap itself over – but it won't be too long before Little One is here and will put this gorgeous quilt to good use! 😉

    Malachi has a hand pieced and hand quilted quilt a dear lady made for him when he was still en route and he still sleeps with it every night. After nearly 3 years, it is much worn and faded, but he loves it with an undying love!

    Beautiful job, as always!


  2. I think you are going to love using this delightful quilt. I can just imagine a sweet little one tucked in. I am so excited for you.


  3. Very beautifully done!
    Nearly thirty years ago my elder sister has sewn me a quilt…I still have the quilt in use (with a lot of mends and patches) and it's dearly loved! Quilts are gifts for a lifetime:)



  4. Så ljuvligt det är, Sarah!


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! And I love that many of the fabric pieces are from things you and your family members have worn. That makes it all the more special! 🙂


  6. What a wonderful quilt! I love the idea that you put in pieces of fabric from old clothes worn by family members.


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