Thoughts in the Middle of the Night

I’m working tomorrow night, from 9 pm to 7 am, and so, I’m staying up real late tonight so I can sleep tomorrow, and then be able to stay awake all that night. I’ve had a movie night with some friends, to help with the staying awake thing, but they’ve all left now (it being a little past 1 am), and I’m thinking of ways to keep myself from falling asleep. I began watching The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday, so perhaps I’ll finish it tonight… I made one of them silly tests on Facebook, to see what kind of LotR person I’d be, and from what that test said I’d be a hobbit. I could live with that: a nice hole, a tidy kitchen garden, plain though pretty clothes… a simple but peaceful life. I think I’d love that.

Back to the real world. I’ve applied for two jobs today, and at least one of them I would really like. I still haven’t found a name for my cat. I’ve thought of several names, but none sounds natural. Perhaps he’ll never get called anything but Kisse (it’s sort of the Swedish version of Kitty).

I’ve now sewn about 4 meters of piping for the wedding dress (by hand, since I don’t like how my sewing machine does it), not as much as I’d hoped to get done. I’ll continue tomorrow, and when I get the energy for such boring work, I’ll make the toile into a pattern for the dress. After that I can get started for real.

Ok, I give up… I’m really tired, so no more movies tonight. I’ll just go to bed, and hope I’ll manage tomorrow night. If I’m lucky, and everything is quiet, I might be able to sleep for an hour or so. If I bring a sewing project or something it might keep me from dozing off.

So that’s an end to this pointless post.

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